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Recent Info Update: 2/01/2009

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Click here for the 2010 Ice bowl Flyer.

2010 Bag Tags are available now. They can be purchased by finding me on the course (Brandon) or by finding Landon.

Got an ace? Report it!
Email Brandon

Wednesdays at 5:50 PM

Random Draw Doubles
Cost: $5.00

Minis are on!!!

Rollover Ace Pot!!!

For TDGA Members Only

Ace Pot capped at $250.00. Once capped, a new ace pot is started.
Current Ace Pot is $00.00 (Reset 08/12/09).
(If you hit an ace with a capped ace pot, you get $250. Then the next ace pot is up for grabs.)

Randomly drawn teams of two compete in a doubles format round. We mostly play best shot, but also will play alternate shot, best score, and worst shot to add some variety.
One Dollar of each entry goes to the club fund; the rest is winner take all!
With 12 people (6 teams), the second place team is also paid out.

Upcoming Events/Tournaments

2010 Texarkana Ice Bowl: February 6, 2010